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Harvest Salad
ingredients change daily
Roasted Squash & Kale Salad
heirloom squash, kale, sundried cherries, goat cheese, pumpkin seed vinaigrette
Today's Soup

Main Course

Rare Ahi Tuna
miso honey glazed, sweet sticky rice, ginger glazed baby carrots
Smoked Cauliflower Tacos
two tacos, corn salsa fresco, southwestern slaw, corn tortillas
Roasted Turkey Dinner
fresh baked turkey breast, sage stuffing, smashed red bliss, cranberry sauce, gravy
Lancaster Chicken Thighs
grilled boneless thighs, grilled artichokes, kale, cipollini onion, fingerling potatoes, rosemary brown butter sauce
Veal Meatloaf
truffle wild mushroom gravy, smashed potato & celery root, seasonal roasted vegetables
Wild Mushroom Stroganoff
varietal mushrooms stewed in oat milk and rice flour, sweet potato noodles, shaved parsnips


Ice Cream Sandwich
chocolate chip cookies, vanilla ice cream
Frozen Strawberry Mousse
dairy-free and delicious (contains egg whites)
Sweet Potato Spice Cake
espresso whiskey sauce, whipped cream